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Innovative Solutions for all Residential and Commercial Insulation Projects

Fiberglass Batts

Easy to Install. Batt and roll insulation is manufactured in various sizes for easy transport, and to make the installation easy for everybody from contractors to do-it-yourselfers.We offer all types of fiberglass insulation for walls and attics. From new construction to remodels, batts work great.

BIBS (Blown in Blanket System)

BIBS is a proven, premium insulation that completely fills around objects inside the wall cavity, resulting in excellent sound control. Higher Efficiency R-Values. BIBS high-density insulation delivers the highest R-values on the market today.

Spray Foam

There is no spray foam job too big or small for us to handle. We offer closed cell and open cell foam.


Insulation installers is happy to help with all your insulation removal needs. Fiberglass batts or blown in. Water damaged or remodel. It can be a nasty process, let us handle it for you.

Sound Proofing

Rock wool, which is also called mineral wool, comes in easy-to-install batts, similar to fiberglass. But instead of being composed of fluffy glass fibers, rock wool is made of... rocks! The best sound proofing product to use.

Air Sealing 

As a standard with every new construction home we insulate. We air seal all windows, doors and exterior penetrations. For an additional cost, customers can have their entire home air sealed for a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

What type of project do you have for us?

New Construction

We work with many contractors and homeowner builders in and around the New Orleans area.

Existing Home

If your existing home is in need of a fresh blanket of fiberglass or converting the system to spray foam, Insulation Installers can handle it.


Our team is also experienced and equipped to handle large scale commercial projects, such as hotels, restaurants and apartment complexes.



Insulation plays a major role in the efficiency of our homes. In some cases re-insulating your attic space can save on your utility bills and increase comfort in your home. While saving the life of your appliances, you could also be saving money!



All of our employees take pride in being professionals in the insulation business. From top to bottom, our entire company is made of Insulation Installers, who have worked in the industry for 10+ years.


You can depend on Insulation Installers to get the job done right and on time for a fair and honest price.


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